Photos de Carl Rymenams

Carl Rymenams
Mechelen / Maline, Belgique

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The door project IWindLimnadeThe edge of civilizationScreamBusstopBlack and whiteToplessWalk awayWind and earthBlancoLoosing my religionThe forest experienceDescribing lightStairwayThe attraction of freedomIntrovert - extrovertDesperate LongingTwo for oneEscape from emptynessThe return of fosetaEntrapment of EuridiceReflectionHay Esperanza

Sur l'Auteur

Photography is ...
- the art of hunting for light;
- creating or capturing the right atmosphere at the right moment, at the right place;
- the exploration of all possibilties of a 3D environment to create a unique 2D interpretation;
- to see all material as a description of licht, colour, texture, composition and curves;
- is bringing reality and imagination together

My photography is a reflection of my personality and every force that works uppon. Often supressed feelings become the subject of my work. The feeling of freedom when I'm outside, in the mountains or at the sea and the feeling of supression and entrapment when I'm inside buildings or when I'm surrounded by an artificial environment.
My work shows the paradox between the great appreciation I have for architecture, art and design on one hand and the urgen of leaving all this behind for all beauty of nature on the other hand.